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Karyn Cantor is the owner, creator and designer of Classic Hardware. Her love of vintage fashions mixed with a strong post-industrial aesthetic is further influenced by the sinuous lines of Art Nouveau, bold clean lines of Art Deco and the humor of DaDaism. This striking amalgam of sensibilities, coupled with Karyn's fashion flair and sense of humor has developed into her current line of accessories that reflect today's sense of individuality, sophistication and chutzpah.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, jewelry designing came naturally to Karyn, she created her first line as a teenager in the early 80's LA Punk Rock scene. Thrift shore finds such as rosary beads, jewelry parts and fishing lures were repurposed into bold statement pieces her and her friends would wear out to punk shows at places like the Whisky on Sunset.

She subsequently studied photography at Rutgers and San Francisco State University,
developing her current love of image and composition. Teaching in the Bay Area followed,
where she inspired her middle school students to create in unique and individual ways.
She continued to teach Photography, Jewelry Design, Metal Art, Video Production and
The History of Rock 'N Roll.

Karyn's sculpture and photography have appeared in over a dozen gallery shows. Her
photography documenting musicians and musical performance has been published in
numerous music magazines, album covers and CD packaging.

Karyn started the line in San Francisco returned home to family and friends in LA,
where she has continued to successfully grow Classic Hardware since 1995.

Karyn's Blog

Accessories with Class and Sass

Karyn Cantor began Classic Hardware in 1995 with a line of pocket watches that soon evolved into unique accessories for men and women. She mixes vintage vogue with modern trends to create jewelry designs and accessories that balance clean lines and rugged construction. All items are handmade in the USA; metal jewelry is lead-free, nickel-free and plated in sterling silver. Classic Hardware always seeks the highest quality for all of their products. We are well known for our Retrolite jewelry, image based jewelry and vanity cases.

Classic Hardware collaborates with over a dozen talented artists from all over the world. They mix low-brow, high-brow, and pop surrealism to make their gorgeous paintings that our customers love wearing and carrying on our products! Artists include: Lisa Petrucci, Hannah Aitchison, Sunny Buick, Camilla d'Errico, Melissa Contreras, Caia Koopman, KuKula, Bonni Reid, Nix Turner, Kelly Vivanco, Simon Sotelo, Sarah Joncas, Kelly Vivanco, Christopher Wright and Angelina Wrona.

We also do private label. We have been fortunate enough to create collections for Disney, including Tim Burton's "Alice In Wonderland", "NIghtmare Before Christmas" and Tinkerbell.

Classic Hardware jewelry has been featured on many TV shows including Glee, American Idol, Ugly Betty, Nip Tuck, Sex In The City, Friends, Californication, The Young and the Restless, Project Runway, LA Ink, Miami Ink and The Today Show. Our Cocky Belt Buckle has become it's own TV star on the show Bones.

Classic Hardware has been photographed for publications such as Vanity Fair, In Style, OK Magazine, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, BUST, In Touch, Teen People, Teen, The San Francisco Chronicle, TIME, The New York Times Magazine, Tiger Beat, Time Out London, Siempre Mujer, Antenna, Tattoos for Women, Accessories Magazine, YM and Audrey. Celebrities who wear Classic Hardware include Emily Blunt, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Eva Mendez, Christina Aguilera, Kerry Washington, Hillary Duff, Lisa Marie Presley, Kat Von D, Jennifer Love Hewitt and singers Perry Farrell, Chris Isaak, Lucinda Williams and Neko Case.

Current art trends, rock and roll, pop culture, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Karyn’s sense of humor all contribute to the vintage-inspired style with a cutting edge twist that is Classic Hardware: Jewelry and Accessories with Class and Sass! Meet the Crew!

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