Caia Koopman’s New Art Show

June 25,2012

One of my favorite artists, Caia Koopman, recently had an opening in Los Angeles at Thinkspace Gallery. Thinkspace is an innovative gallery that shows the work of up & coming pop surrealists, lowbrow artists and beyond. They were previously located in Silver Lake but have really taken off since their move to gallery row in Culver City a few years ago.

I met Caia several years ago at Thinkspace and began collaborating with her, utilizing her gorgeous works on Classic Hardware jewelry and vanity cases. Caia has grown and really expanded as an artist since we first met. It was really fun to see her, she is super sweet and personable and exudes great enthusiasm about what she does. Her latest series, ‘Between Wind and Water’, is a new edgier direction for her. The work combines the themes of fairy tales and fantasies with elements of street art. In some of the pieces she has reduced her usual vibrant color palette to mysterious blues and haunting blood reds. The images border on creepy yet cool and are thought provoking, as always.

Me and Caia

Juxtapoz Magazine has done and interview with her here and Hi-Fructose did a studio visit recently as well check out the pics here

The other artist in the show, Sarah Joncas, is a Canadian artist, currently based out of Toronto.  Her style is painterly and detailed with themes that are dark and mysterious.

Caia, Me and Sarah

If you are in the LA area try to make it by before June 30th, if you are not, you can view it here. Enjoy the show!