Tips & Tricks with Class & Sass: Cleaning Your Jewelry

May 23,2012

Hey, we are making more videos showing you jewelry tips and tricks.
Here is one on how to clean your rock and retro Classic Hardware jewelry.
Our jewelry is plated with fine silver which can oxidize/tarnish over time.
Keeping your jewelry in a jewelry box or a simple plastic bag will keep the oxygen from getting so it won’t turn shades of not-so-pretty. If it does get a little tarnished, a simple polishing cloth can make it look lovely and new again. You can pick one up at a craft store, jewelry store or purchase one from us. Thank you!


Tips & Tricks with Class & Sass …

April 30,2012

I was recently teaching someone how to assemble jewelry by using jump rings via Skype. This was kind of funny since it’s not super easy to see such tiny objects such as jump rings through a computers camera eye. I figured it would be a good time to start doing some short instructional videos an repairing jewelry, creating display items and other things I’ve been asked about through the years. I spent years teaching jewelry making and craft projects to kids, so let me know what other jewelry related things you’d like to know about. Here’s our debut video of “Tips & Tricks with Class & Sass: The Perfect Jump Ring”