Lovely Creatures of the Sea

April 22,2013

I recently visited the  The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach for the first time. Even though I have mixed feelings about zoos and animals living in captivity, I can’t help but be fascinated by the beauty of the ocean and sea life. Seeing the animals playing made me so happy, I felt like a kid again.

The sea otter is so darn cute and amusing I could have watched him all day! The sea otter wears the heaviest fur coat in all of the animal kingdom. This has, sadly, made it an extensively hunted species in the past. The good news is … they have been protected in more recent years and remain on the endangered species list. They use rocks as tools to dislodge their prey and open shells, such a clever little character! They also help protect kelp forests from damage from over population of sea urchins (they eat them for lunch). We just added a new wallet case featuring a little sea otter by artist, Kelly Vivanco. Look at this adorable little guy holding his sea urchin lunch.

I absolutely love the penguins! Always so formal, they make me feel under dressed.

The jellyfish are so gorgeous and graceful and fun to watch (especially with glass between us). Jellyfish have roamed the seas for at least 500 million years (or more) which makes them the oldest multi-organ animal.


The sea lions love to chat!

The seahorse is so prehistoric and mystical looking to me. The male seahorse actually carries the eggs for the female. When he gives birth, his belly swells from contractions and he expels anywhere from 5 to 2,500 tiny seahorses, depending on his size! Geez! Freakishly fascinating creatures! He is then ready to mate again within hours with the next female seahorse that comes along, they are not a monogamous lot!

Speaking os sea life, I love this new painting by Caia Koopman. It depicts the endangered monk seal. Caia’s painting is part of a multi-artist print release done with PangeaSeed, a Japanese/Hawaiian marine life focused environmental organization. The prints are available here.

Hootenanny 2012

July 11,2012

Last weekend we had a booth at the Hootenanny in Orange County, as we do every year. Once again it was a great show with tons of bands and loads of people. It was really nice to meet up with our customers and friends. My fave bands of the day were Old Man Markly, The Supersuckers, The Reverend Horton Heat and of course, Rancid.

The following day we went to Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles. Some great crafts and a cool space. Inspiring stuff! Check it out!


Craftcation 2012 in Ventura

March 29,2012

Last week I was part of the event, Craftcation, a three day indie business & DIY workshop conference which took place in Ventura CA. I was one of the presenters and I did a lecture on Retail vs. Wholesale and talked about the pros and cons of both.

I was also on a panel of “Start Up Stories” with Melanie and Dana Harvey of Harvey’s Seat Belt Bags and Christine Hayes who has published books and sewing patterns and is a master seamstress. It was fun to be on a panel and hear their stories and the similarities and differences we all have in start up and running of our businesses.

I am still very proud to make our products here in the USA and it was nice to be able to meet with many people that are working towards the same goal. A special thank you to Nicole Stevenson and Delilah Snell who put on Craftcation. They are also the lovely ladies who run Patchwork a great craft show we love to exhibit at. Come see us there soon and Keep on Craftin’!

Panel time!

Leopard ladies! Me & Nicole

Me & Ron getting our 80s on!

The Pheonix Hotel San Francisco

December 6,2011

This weekend we were up in my old stopping grounds of San Francisco. Classic Hardware did a trunk show at the Wak Shack Salon and then the Annual 3rd Street Warehouse Sale. It was great to see old friends and meet new jewelry fans.

We stayed at The Pheonix Hotel in the always interesting Tenderloin area of town. This is known as the rock n’ roll hotel because for many years (including today) many young bands stay there due to their central location and great prices (and the heated pool doesn’t hurt!).

When I was still living in SF years ago they renovated it and it continued to grow in popularity. The restaurant/bar, Chambers, that is attached to it has changed names and hands a couple of time but I was pretty amazed to see how hugely popular it was this weekend. When we arrived on Thursday night it was very quiet, but I fell in love with the decor. They had thousands of vintage albums lining the walls on bookshelves with tube lighting built in. This gave it just enough light to see the display, but still keep it dark and groovy. This is such a great decor idea because you can constantly change the theme by just displaying a different record. Since it’s holiday time, they had all the Christmas albums showing. This is right up my alley as I still have many of my own albums from over the years and recently have done a retro-style necklace line of 45RPM records using some of my favorite songs as part of the art. I love that the record is making a comeback in style and design!

Inside The ChambersThe record lined walls in Chambers Bar

The view from our room!

A sampling of our new 45RPM record necklaces.


And the icing on the cake, 7×7 is having a contest, you can win tickets to Pink Mammoth’s New Year’s Eve Party at the Phoenix Hotel!