Hootenanny 2012

July 11,2012

Last weekend we had a booth at the Hootenanny in Orange County, as we do every year. Once again it was a great show with tons of bands and loads of people. It was really nice to meet up with our customers and friends. My fave bands of the day were Old Man Markly, The Supersuckers, The Reverend Horton Heat and of course, Rancid.

The following day we went to Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles. Some great crafts and a cool space. Inspiring stuff! Check it out!


We love Trashy Diva

July 2,2012

It was recently brought to my attention that there is an overseas company operating a website in England, who is knocking off many of the vintage repro dress designers here in the USA.

In the case of Trashy Diva they not only stole their designs, they also used Trashy Diva’s pictures straight from their website.  Please read their blog here for more details.

We love Trashy Diva clothes and their stores in New Orleans, LA. Their quality is impeccable and their designs are gorgeous. Plus they are super sweet!  At Classic Hardware we produce and believe in US made products  and admire our friends and business associates that do the same!

Me with Candace the lovely owner and designer of Trashy Diva

Caia Koopman’s New Art Show

June 25,2012

One of my favorite artists, Caia Koopman, recently had an opening in Los Angeles at Thinkspace Gallery. Thinkspace is an innovative gallery that shows the work of up & coming pop surrealists, lowbrow artists and beyond. They were previously located in Silver Lake but have really taken off since their move to gallery row in Culver City a few years ago.

I met Caia several years ago at Thinkspace and began collaborating with her, utilizing her gorgeous works on Classic Hardware jewelry and vanity cases. Caia has grown and really expanded as an artist since we first met. It was really fun to see her, she is super sweet and personable and exudes great enthusiasm about what she does. Her latest series, ‘Between Wind and Water’, is a new edgier direction for her. The work combines the themes of fairy tales and fantasies with elements of street art. In some of the pieces she has reduced her usual vibrant color palette to mysterious blues and haunting blood reds. The images border on creepy yet cool and are thought provoking, as always.

Me and Caia

Juxtapoz Magazine has done and interview with her here and Hi-Fructose did a studio visit recently as well check out the pics here

The other artist in the show, Sarah Joncas, is a Canadian artist, currently based out of Toronto.  Her style is painterly and detailed with themes that are dark and mysterious.

Caia, Me and Sarah

If you are in the LA area try to make it by before June 30th, if you are not, you can view it here. Enjoy the show!

Patchwork Indie Arts and Craft Festival

May 29,2012

This past weekend, Classic Hardware exhibited at Patchwork in Santa Ana. Patchwork is an independent arts and crafts fair created by Nicole Stevenson of Random Nicole and Delilah Snell of A Road Less Traveled They have been having these craft fairs for years and they have only gotten bigger and better.
This weekend was packed with great products, yummy food, good music and wonderful customers! The show is free to attend and is always a fun event. It happens every Spring (May) and Fall (November) and they have it at 3 locations – Long Beach CA, Santa Ana CA and Culver City CA.

The Culver City show is June 10th 2012 and will be held in the ever so cool, Helms Bakery District. The locations are great and it’s really nice to be a part of a growing independent marketplace with all USA and locally made products! Every show is unique as they are always bringing in new vendors. If you haven’t been to a Patchwork show yet this spring … here’s your last chance …

Tips & Tricks with Class & Sass: Cleaning Your Jewelry

May 23,2012

Hey, we are making more videos showing you jewelry tips and tricks.
Here is one on how to clean your rock and retro Classic Hardware jewelry.
Our jewelry is plated with fine silver which can oxidize/tarnish over time.
Keeping your jewelry in a jewelry box or a simple plastic bag will keep the oxygen from getting so it won’t turn shades of not-so-pretty. If it does get a little tarnished, a simple polishing cloth can make it look lovely and new again. You can pick one up at a craft store, jewelry store or purchase one from us. Thank you!


Are you Devo?

May 10,2012

This Friday, May 11th 2012, the band Devo will be performing at the Hollywood Park Racetrack. They are a band that is quite nostalgic to me on a couple of levels. I mean, they are the true trailblazers and weirdo genius of the new wave/punk scene of the 1970’s. I learned about them in my early teens and loved them when I myself was getting into new wave and punk but later found their commercial success annoying when I would go to high school and kids would laugh at my pink colored hair, Black Flag t-shirt and thrift store garb and say, “Are you Devo?”

According to Wikipedia, The name “Devo” comes from their concept of ‘de-evolution’ – the idea that instead of continuing to evolve, mankind has actually begun to regress, as evidenced by the dysfunction and herd mentality of American society. I guess defined here … we are all a bit Devo?

When I was 16, my best friend’s father was working on Toni Basil’s album, “Word of Mouth” with the famous song “Mickey“. The guys from Devo were her back up band and they were at my friends house all the time. Toni’s boyfriend was Spazz Attack. He is the spiky haired guy doing spastic flips in Devo’s video “Satisfaction”. Spazz was around a lot, too. We were fascinated by his flips and the stories that he would entertain us with. Once he had gotten pulled over by the cops and did his famous forward flip for them (landing flat on his back), and they let him go. He later went on to “Spazz” out on David Bowie’s 1987 Glass Spider Tour. A show I got to see with with Siouxsie And The Banshees as the opening act. Check out the videos they are very nostalgic for me and give a good glimpse of 80’s fashion and style. For better or worse!

Their song  “Mongoloid” (the first single) is still one of my favorite songs to dance to! You can’t beat the edgy driving build up on the guitar in the beginning of the track. Genius! Dorky Genius for sure!

Tips & Tricks with Class & Sass …

April 30,2012

I was recently teaching someone how to assemble jewelry by using jump rings via Skype. This was kind of funny since it’s not super easy to see such tiny objects such as jump rings through a computers camera eye. I figured it would be a good time to start doing some short instructional videos an repairing jewelry, creating display items and other things I’ve been asked about through the years. I spent years teaching jewelry making and craft projects to kids, so let me know what other jewelry related things you’d like to know about. Here’s our debut video of “Tips & Tricks with Class & Sass: The Perfect Jump Ring”

Craftcation 2012 in Ventura

March 29,2012

Last week I was part of the event, Craftcation, a three day indie business & DIY workshop conference which took place in Ventura CA. I was one of the presenters and I did a lecture on Retail vs. Wholesale and talked about the pros and cons of both.

I was also on a panel of “Start Up Stories” with Melanie and Dana Harvey of Harvey’s Seat Belt Bags and Christine Hayes who has published books and sewing patterns and is a master seamstress. It was fun to be on a panel and hear their stories and the similarities and differences we all have in start up and running of our businesses.

I am still very proud to make our products here in the USA and it was nice to be able to meet with many people that are working towards the same goal. A special thank you to Nicole Stevenson and Delilah Snell who put on Craftcation. They are also the lovely ladies who run Patchwork a great craft show we love to exhibit at. Come see us there soon and Keep on Craftin’!

Panel time!

Leopard ladies! Me & Nicole

Me & Ron getting our 80s on!

Classic Staffware

March 5,2012

I want to introduce you to my lovely staff aka The Classic Crew.
As some of you may know, I originally started Classic Hardware in San Francisco in 1995.
10 years later, I moved back to Los Angeles, having the desire for change and to be closer to my family. It was a huge business move but SOOO worth it. I was lucky enough to get a great team of people. I attribute the companies huge growth spurt upon my return to SoCal to the people who were and are a part of the company. I feel really honored to work with such talented, creative, loyal, and caring people —Classic Hardware wouldn’t be what it is with out them and when I say our products are made with love …I mean it!
It doesn’t hurt that they are a bunch of fun and they even laugh at some of my jokes!



Music is alive this weekend in LA

February 9,2012

This coming Saturday evening, some really great musicians are performing at Viva Cantina, here in lovely Burbank, CA. Exene Cervenka from one of my all time favorite bands, X, will be performing with another LA based fave, Phil Alvin of The Blasters. In addition, Petunia and the Vipers who have been making their way down from Canada a fair amount lately (and gaining quite a following here), are Headlining the bill. They could simply be defined as roots music but I much prefer the writer’s description here:

“Imagine that David Lynch and Nick Cave had a hillbilly baby. A hillbilly baby that yodeled. That’s Petunia. Now imagine he’s backed by a band whose talents match his own. That would be the Vipers. Imagine that man and that band can step onstage and hold a crowd in thrall song after song, until the last note fades away, and that would be Petunia and the Vipers” –  Cascadia Weekly, Bellingham, WA


– Not to mention their super cool look and style which can also be seen in their video here. Check out their site to see when they are making it out your way.


Also this Saturday is another great “goings on” in LA. The Chit Chat Club, is a once a month club that mainly hosts swing style bands. It takes place in the beautiful and historical Park Plaza Hotel, originally an Elk’s Lodge built in 1925, it later became a venue where I saw quite a few punk rock shows in the 1980’s (kind of a fancy place for punk shows). I’m glad to see it back in swing again (literally), check out their schedule here.

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